Saturday, January 5, 2013

Maybe I Should Resolve Not To Be Such A Bitch... Oh Wait Never Mind I Should Embrace My True Self Instead

I'm still doing the level 1-2 class, which gets fuller every week. 18 students tonight! I imagine there are a certain number of new year's resolutions being worked off in there. I would wonder why there are so many new students but I am pretty sure the proliferation of posts like this on pinterest are all the explanation I need.

My own personal resolutions are to work more on stretching and do a super boring pilates routine once a week. Will it happen? Who knows. I've fallen out of doing stretches every day because I feel like my flexibility hit a wall (or a plateau, maybe. It sounds less dire that way) at a point that seems pretty darn crummy, honestly, and stretching is boring and sucks anyway. But, we'll see if I can do it more often (I refuse to expect myself to do it every day, that is just silly and doomed to failure). There are so many things I should be doing that if I did them all I wouldn't have time to do anything else. Like work or talk to my husband once in a while.

One of my classmates is a wretched driver. I like her, she's smart and polite and always says hello, but GOOD GOLLY she cuts people off like it ain't no thang. I recognize her the entire way home after class because she has a very memorable car. I mean, it's awesome, but it's not going to get you through any checkpoints unnoticed, either. SO WHY ARE YOU DRIVING LIKE A CRAZY PERSON? And then I think to myself  "ah HA! I hope you screwed up when I did because you were following me at the barre, tonight!" and that's just not gracious.

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