Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I enjoy doing reverence, it's one of my favorite parts of class. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, the dancers will now adjourn to the dressing room to collapse in exhaustion. But, through all the ballet performances I have seen, I have rarely (if ever) seen a dancer actually bow that way. They tend to go for the bigger, more exciting bowing, fist to the chest and knee to the floor. Oh yes, my adoring public, how you honor me by your gracious applause. I have seen this carry on for perhaps a little too long, because no one, apparently, taught them the point at which taking another bow becomes ridiculous. But still, never the tendu-step-back-through-fourth-tendu-front-bow-and-sweep-over-the-leg thing we do in class.

your subtlety inspires, milady

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