Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Flickin' and a Flackin'

Flic flacs make me feel like a particularly untalented show horse. The kind that will probably be retired early and may or may not be turned in to glue at a young age. Flic flac. Even the name is silly! FLICK! FLACK!
I just don't know.
But don't fret, she promises. Oh no! Because next up we are making these babies do complete turns IN CENTER.
I would post an explanatory youtube video for those unfamiliar with the term, but I can't find any that look nearly as awkward as I feel while doing them. It's like this: we start out doing pas de chevals (which make you look like a horse too but it's okay because at least they put that in the title, right?) and then you throw your foot out to the side, then... whack it across the floor in front of you while you rise up on the other foot... and then some magic supposedly happens in which you turn around and smack your foot on the ground again. Yay. The elegance of la danse, non?
I can just about do it on the right side, but the left is ridiculous. And in reverse? Not even happening.
I have to take a certain amount of comfort in knowing that at this time last year I was utterly perplexed by preparation for ronde de jambes and now it ain't no thang. And think of how much better my chassé/sauté arabesques are now than when I first attempted them back in September. Rome wasn't built in a day.

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