Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm making the Grumpy Cat face Right Now, Actually

So, I've seen this on Pinterest a million times, and I admit I have even been tempted to repin it.
But tonight? Tonight I am just not in the mood for that ish.
My offering:
Go ahead. Pin it. Make me a disgruntled and unamused meme. Me and Grumpy Cat. BFF.

For the record it's some sort of shin thing going on. Which is good because hey, it probably can't be some new RA thing. But bad because hey, what the hell is going on?


  1. Oh oh, I hope you are not developing shin splints... I have been suffering from them for years now, hurts especially with doing jumps, so I hold of of those in class. They are also a kind of infammation however.
    More chance of them going away if treated early!
    There are a lot of resources on the web about shin splints, including the balletblog.com from Lisa Howell and the Stretching Institute/Injury fix website. Good luck!

    1. thanks, I think that very well might be what is going on. It's usually fine until class, and then it's at it's worst while jumping. *sigh*...
      I will go do some research and see what I can learn.