Monday, June 18, 2012

image of an old lady with a bad knee

The search term "image of an old lady with a bad knee" now directs Google users to my site. Not just one but two people (or one person twice?) have visited Rheumatic Princess after searching for the term. Is it Inflamo-Woman? Sigh... I should have known that my claim to fame would someday become the fact that I am ... an old lady with a bad knee. *Pout*
You can see all your referring search terms in the back-end statistics application that Blogger provides. I always check it out. Sometimes it's pretty strange what turns up in there. Some of them are pretty obvious (rheumatism and ballet related searches, even "rubber flamingo" makes sense), some are kind of random ("fly blink"... maybe they were looking for the opening sequence from Aeon Flux?).
Some are downright kinky ( I refuse, I just refuse, to list them here. Let's just say that Princess Leia's... uh... popular, and James Dean pulls in a pretty weird crowd these days.)

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