Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Is it a bird? A plane? A ninety year old lady? No! It's INFLAMO-WOMAN!

So this is how I began this blog post:
"The theme for the week is "inflamo-woman". Or no, that sounds more like a super hero. A lesser known Avenger who mostly just whines so much that the bad guys give up and go home feeling a bit annoyed and slightly depressed.
I think every time..."
And then I had to stop.
Because then this happened:
Mightily she faces down evil doers with her formidable powers!
The omnipresent wrist braces OF JUSTICE!
The grocery store knee brace OF POWER!
The unflattering leotard that hits at juuuust the wrong place on her butt OF ... UH.... uhm... POWER again because I can't think of anything else!
SEE how she defeats her enemies while wearing pink tights and ballet slippers!
MARVEL at her ability to have at least three things wrong with her on any given day!

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