Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Your Shoes Are Killing My Spirit

So... what is the thing with wearing pointe shoes to beginning ballet class? There are three ladies (out of about 14-15 some nights) in my class that are wearing pointe shoes, now. One has them deshanked that I know of, and says she is wearing them to build up foot strength without going up in them. One girl is definitely wearing those things as is, because she is Showing Off before class (I am not saying that in a snarky way. If you've got it, babe, flaunt it). The other... I am not sure because I don't pay much attention to what other people are doing in class to be honest (I just always notice that they are Super Candy Pink). It's all focusing on keeping my own sorry butt from falling over.
Anyway. I was just wondering what is up with that.
I think, if I had pointe shoes that were fully functional I would probably be too careful of them in a regular class. Not want to go in to demi pointe too much because I would not want the shanks to get broken before their time had come.
Also, I want my future first pointe shoe purchase to be The Event Of The Season. With maybe a glass of (pink!) champagne afterward and blurry iphone photos posted to facebook with comments like "HOLY SH*T LOOK AT WHAT I JUST BOUGHT GUYS I AM A SUPER TWIRLY BALLERINA NOW OMG"
But, anyway. That is just me.


  1. I completley agree with you. My plan is this: When I finally get my first pointe shoes I am going to buy a beautiful ballet dress (haven't decided which kind of tutu- platter or romantic.)
    Then I need the rhinestone tiara (oh yeah baby I am going all out.) Then I am getting professional pics taken and forcing them on all my friends and loved ones. Oh and yeah as I use up my pointe shoes I will be SIGNING them and giving them to the aforementioned loved ones. And btw they have been warned about this so they know to have a place prepared in their homes for them when I come to visit so we can admire them together.
    It is totally bogus to be wearing the pointe shoes before you have legitimately EARNED them

    1. Totally! I am already planning the photos, too. But, I think mine will start with a black and red ensemble featuring a graphic T shirt from a local punk band and red tights. The black platter tutu is optional, but I am pretty sure it will happen :D