Friday, February 3, 2012

Ballet Buns Are Go

So I am letting my hair grow out.
Ugh. I have, for the past 9 years or so, gone in every five months and had my hair cut and layered and worked to within an inch of it's life so that I could sport short, wavy, pixie hair. It looks good on me. And it takes no time at all to care for or style. Like, wake up, muss it around with your fingers, and off you go. Who needs a hair brush? But, ahem, I am broke. So $60 hair appointments are not even remotely in my budget. My budget is ballet and health insurance right now. Oh, and taking my aging cats to the vet. Sorry Anita, hairstylist that I love, you are not on my books right now.
So, out it goes. And right now it's at an annoying in-between phase where I have to bundle up the back of it with a clip for class, but still have to wear a headband to keep the layers around my face out of my eyes. Sooner or later it's going to have to go in to some sort of wannabe ballerina bun. Most of the gals in class are sporting high ponytails but yucka. I mean on me, it's a bad look. My face is sort of sticky-outy in the nose area if you catch my drift. So I am going to have to relearn how to keep it out of the way.
When I first took ballet I had looooooong hair and every single time I would braid it to look, well, like this actually:
my style icon: Princess Leia on Hoth

I had it DOWN, man. I could whip that thing together in five minutes. Two hair elastics, half a dozen bobby pins, and I was GOOD to GO. But... I am so very lazy now. So. Very. Very. Lazy. I hate having long hair these days and I'm only doing it grudgingly with the intention of selling that shiznit for some serious bread in a couple of years. Until then, I suffer in hair kerchiefs every night and my husband whines about not being able to find me under all the hair. MEH.

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