Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tutu Day!

Did you know that it is international tutu day? Yeah, me neither. I am not sure what you are supposed to do on tutu day. Wear a tutu? Make a tutu? Watch a ballet with tutus? I dunno.
Support tutu awareness? Save the tutus! Go door to door asking for donations for the tutu research and education fund. Tutu-in? Where you all gather at the capital building wearing tutus and hold up signs like "give tutus a chance!"
I was looking at my bucket list about 6 months ago and realized that making a full-on classical (platter type) tutu was on there. I would get on it, but I live in this tiny little apartment that is about three rooms too small for all the stuff we have in it. Someday, though. What I will do with it after it's done is anyone's guess. I suppose I can just wear it around because WHY THE HECK NOT, am I right?
Anyway, so I guess today I will take a lunch break to watch a couple of episodes of Princess Tutu. There, that sounds festive enough.

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