Sunday, February 26, 2012

Craving For Creativity

Okay, someone needs to tell me that I don't need a rehearsal tutu. Come on, guys. Tell me that I don't have the room to store it because it is huge and awkward and I live in a one bedroom apartment. Tell me that I should be focusing my creative energy on projects that will earn money. Tell me that I would never wear the silly thing anyway so I shouldn't bother. Or that my funds are limited because I have two sick cats.
Or else this lady right here (*gesture*) is buying 14 yards of diamond net on Tuesday.


  1. I don't know....if it were up to me, we would all have tutus for every occasion. Not only a practice tutu, but a tutu for fat days (all black, natch), a tutu for when you feel like celebrating (sparkles!), a tutu for when you're feeling blue (has special pockets for high-carb snacky things), a tutu for for when you're angry, giddy, nervous, whatever. Like legwarmers, you can never have enough.