Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A For Effort

I got a gold star in class last night, for being one of only two students who managed to stay in one place while doing a pirouette combination, rather than ooging across the floor and banging in to people. I have to admit, though, that the combination was so fast that I was only pulling off about one in every four turns. So.
But anyway, look. A real gold star:
proud like a second grader.

I also discovered last night that doing flic flacs, even though they are still uncooperative and practically the worst thing that happens during a barre routine, are a lot more fun while listening to my favorite Mozart aria. What? You don't have a favorite Mozart aria? PSSH! Plebes!
At the end of all this pirouetting and flic flacing we embellished our standard reverence with that knee-to-the-floor "oh, thank you my adoring public" bow. It was kind of fun, though trickier than it looks.

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