Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's hard to dance with a devil on your back

While checking in with my PC doctor this morning (he made me get a different type of splint for my sprained wrist, one that immobilizes your thumb. I don't think I have ever worn anything so sexy in my life) I mentioned the rheumatologist's "diagnoses", even he thinks it's BS. He said, sure, in chronic pain depression is always a possibility, but not the first... or second, third, fourth... or FIFTH diagnoses he would pursue. And he told me to call the rheumatology department and ask to see a different doctor. I may well do that, but for now I am going to sit here and not deal with them. Because nothing is healthier than a solid dose of anxiety and avoidance, am I right?

In much more pleasant news: piqué turns! So much fun! I've actually figured them out on my own time by watching the other girls in my level three class. As I am the only new student in the class my teacher modifies things for me so that I can work on the basics a bit while the other ladies are whipping stuff out like it ain't no thang (I pretty much look like a total spaz attack in comparison, and she feels bad for me, I guess?). So on Tuesday I just learned to do preparation for piqué turns, but it wasn't too complicated so I just came home and BAM piqué turns in my kitchen, yo!
I can do a new thing!
That makes everything better.


  1. Pique turns are one of my favorites! I'm good/bad at them in that I have a lot of power/torque so I spin myself off my axis. So I need more core/ab control to just do one.

    I'm sorry to hear about your frustration and pain. I love reading your blog, so it's sad to see that you have to reduce your work so you could possibly recoup? I would look for a more competent doctor too and I would've at least challenged that last doctor. My Husband has an allergy to penicillin and I know people who have lost a loved one from a Dr. over looking a penicillin allergy. So when we saw a Dr. and he wanted to inject my Husband I made sure all the bases were covered because he wasn't our normal practitioner. That Dr. didn't like me much, but I didn't care.

    1. Attempting those turns with actual slippers on a marley floor instead of oversized men's socks on 60 year old linoleum might be a game changer, but hey at least it's giving me something exciting and productive to think about :)