Saturday, October 27, 2012

California is Kinda Just Like That

The studio where I take class is in a strip mall (aren't they all?) and fronts on to a parking lot. The back door opens in to the alley between our strip mall and the grocery store behind it. When it gets really hot in the room, but is nice outside, we leave the back door open.  Usually with a fan in the doorway blowing in.
Student: *sniff sniff* "uhm... does anyone else smell that?"
All the other students: *sniff sniff* "uhmm.... yeeeeeeah."
Teacher: "what? What do you smell?" *sniff sniff* "oh my GOD"
That's right folks, the studio officially got hotboxed by some teenaged grocery clerks on their break. Thanks guys :-/ Our pas de boure├ęs were a lot less proficient, and yet somehow much funnier thanks to you.


  1. RP, your posts always crack me up. I hope you all went out for tacos and burritos afterward.

    1. I do two jetes in the morning,
      I do two jetes at night.
      I do two jetes in the afternoon...
      it makes me feel alright!