Friday, August 24, 2012

Help Me Make it Through the Autumn, Guys!

So. Audience participation time!
What are your favorite ballet scores? I am going to be doing insane amounts of driving in the near future (18 hours per week. Please note that the ten mile trip to my ballet studio was almost enough to convince me to try another studio.) I always listen to music in the car but I am right in the middle of an epic let's-listen-to-everything-I-own-in-alphabetical-order experiment that I don't want to subject my passenger (my dad) to (why do I even own two almost-identical copies of NIN's "Closer"?). But, thankfully, we both like classical music. I have been looking to expand my ballet music repertoire for a while, now. So, ballet music it is. I have shied away from most compilation albums because HOLY CROW I am SO tired of the Nutcracker.
So guys, any suggestions? I am also going to be loading a bunch of opera on my ipod because 1) I enjoy the hell out of it, and 2) Dad pissed me off. So, operas with ballet chorus numbers are also a go!


  1. Giselle, Coppélia, Bizet's Symphony in C, Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole, bits of Swan Lake/Nutcracker/Sleeping Beauty. Other things, but they're the ones I have on my iPod permanently... the Bizet and Lalo are ones that I shove on at work when I need to concentrate and block out everything else :)