Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grands Jetés!

We've been doing grands jetés in place of our regular end-of-class chassés for the past couple of classes. I have been stuck doing (what felt like) perpetual chassés since my very first day in class, and I have never grown beyond a sort of mild distaste for them. It was full-on hatred a year ago, guys. Full. On. Hate. So, really, mild distaste is an improvement. But grands jetés are fun! Forget those little jetés, guys! Big Old Honkin' grands jetés are where it's at. Pretty much. Which is saying something because I really hate everything else that involves jumping (because it HURTS, dudes!).
Not that they are terribly impressive to look at. In fact, they are probably ridiculous. Looking at Gabby (mother f*cking) Douglas busting out some hot gymnastics moves has put my toddling baby jetés to serious shame, but let's not go in to that.


  1. Grands jétés are aces! Like flying! I haven't done any in ages though, almost a year actually... I might have to go and throw a few off down the corridor.

    1. Do it! I had to resist the urge to do a few at work yesterday, but mostly because there were lots of former dancers in the room and I figured they would probably laugh at me. Also, it was 105 degrees.