Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shall I Compare These Shoes To a Summers Day?

Okay. So I have a not-so-secret unrequited love for pretty shoes. You may have noticed a theme. Anyway.
Especially dance shoes and/or ridiculously expensive shoes.
It's kind of funny because, while I do not dress by anyone's standards of "fashionably", I am eXtremely picky about what I wear. Like, for example, with shoes. The toe has to be rounded (I bought a pair of ankle boots with squared off toes last year, I am only now starting to come to terms with them) and the heel has to be 2 1/2" or less high (less for preference now that my knees have gone out), and that heel has to be the Right Shape. Not too skinny. No protuberances. I mean, I love some of Fluevog's shoes, but I dislike most of their soles and heels and that overrides everything.
Anyway, this is all just background information so you understand how important and weighty my proclamation of perfection in shoe-kind is. There is only one perfect pair of shoes in this world. They are LaDuca Annies. They are dancing and theatrical shoes. They are ridiculously expensive. Every year my theater buys dozens of pairs of them for the actors. They sell them at the end of the season for Dirt Cheap. And not ONCE in the seven years I have been there has there EVER been a dancer with feet my size. It is enough to make a person cry.

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