Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pet Peeve!

So on Yahoo! this morning (I know, I know, but my husband hasn't been able to figure out how to get my regular e-mail address to filter in to Thunderbird since we upgraded my computer, and I have to be able to communicate SOMEhow) there was a video about Miss America (which apparently just happened?) and a bit with Miss... something. Idaho or Wyoming or something (you can tell I am Californian, it's like other states don't even exist in my brain) doing a ballet variation for the talent competition. And the costume was ugly, just a really sickly color for TV, but what the heck, everything about pagaents tends to be ugly anyway. But the comments are FILLED with people bashing her technique. I mean every single comment.
It's funny, but you see this a lot online with ballet related stuff. If someone posts a photo to Flikr of their 12 year old in her first pointe shoes the comment section will be taken over by people telling her to soften her arms and work on her turn out. I saw a video on Youtube of a dancer who had to be about 6, and she was kicking my ass for reals, and the comments were all about how awful her technique was. SHE WAS SIX. I mean, I understand that ballet works for an unreachable level of perfection, and I know that correction is the only way to learn, but really? SIX. YEARS. OLD. If ballet people want the world to stop thinking of them as crazy and exclusive and likely to kill themselves by accident in the pursuit of perfection (HELLO HOLLYWOOD I AM LOOKING AT YOU) then people need to get a little more real.
Dude, Miss Montana or whatever still trumps me, and that is a fact.

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