Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I begin to think the fates just don't want me to go to class

Okay, guys, so guess why I'm missing class tonight. Because the HVAC unit on my apartment has died so completely it can't be fixed and needs to be replaced, instead! Current indoor temperature: cold enough to wear a coat and fuzzy socks and still be cold. PLUS my sick rheumatic cat? She was doing swimmingly last week! But now? Not so much. So I am waiting for her vet to call. Soooooo....
No class this week, then.
Since I have missed so much class I've gained weight! I have no idea how much, but enough to make putting pants on an interesting struggle. Tomorrow I am cooking for Thanksgiving. The menu? Puff pastry/cheese hors d'Ĺ“uvres, chocolate and cream cheese stuffed strawberries, truffles, and pumpkin angel food cake. Yes, sir, that right there is a great way to lose some pudge.

check out these awesome thigh-high rainbow socks I have, though.
 (or you may have already, but that post got lost and I am out
of ideas so whatever) 


  1. One of the things my cat really loved when he got older was when I wrapped a heating pad in a towel, turned it on low, and put it on the desk where he liked to sit. If you can do that, it might help him stay warm and cozy until you get the heat fixed.

    Not sure how well the rainbow socks go with pointe shoes. Maybe you're thinking of dancing the Wicked Witch of the West?

    1. Yeah, I use heating pads almost constantly so I have been leaving them out for the kitties when it gets cold. Sometimes they are in to it, sometimes not so much.

      PS: Well, *I* think rainbow socks with pointe shoes is bitchin'.