Sunday, July 14, 2013

Selfies Because Tutu

I apologize, but the following post is pretty darn gratuitously narcissistic. You have been warned.

I didn't want to put the tutu on. It just happened. You know how it is.
Decent posture, kid, but you look pretty grumpy. Also: pinky fingers WHAT.

I'm coy because I am leaning against the wall.

Channeling Anna Pavlova (ignore my foot in coupé, it knows better than that. On the other hand
I would like to send this image out into the intervoid
I know it's not that amazing compared to a lot of dancers, but I
am pretty damn impressed with myself)
 OH THE TRAGEDY! (don't look at those feet, either)
This is probably the most honest picture of myself I have ever taken.

PS: those sequined straps suck and itch like the devil.
And they aren't even cute. What a gyp.


  1. pretty tutu! is this one you made?

    1. no, just one that required alterations for the recital. I have a room full of these things that the dancers were complaining were too boxy (so I nipped them in at the waist, which seems to have worked out okay) and too poofy (I spent an hour tacking/trimming the skirt and this is as streamlined as I could get it. I feel like telling them "if you can't stand the poof, stay out of the tutu!")

  2. Honestly you look absolutely beautiful! I love the shape of your arms in the first picture. And that is a great color on you. Take that stupid rheumatism!

    1. Thanks! Dark reds are some of my favorite colors to wear. My wedding dress was a very similar color because I knew it would look good on me. Turned a few heads but WHATEVS.