Thursday, June 6, 2013

You know it happens

There are times when you find that perfect balance. It just sticks and you feel like you could hold that position all night if they asked you to. And you're like:
Look at me! I am a mother fucking fairy, bitches!
That's right, people! I can SO balance in coupé derriere. For like, EVER. And then for the rest of the night you can hardly even stand upright on both feet.


  1. I, also, find that one of the easier positions to balance in. But my balance comes and goes -- some days are better than others.

    1. I've noticed that if I have a nasty arthritic pain in one foot I can balance on it really well for some reason. This is not a recommendation for getting arthritis in your feet :P

    2. I'm glad you clarified that, cuz otherwise I was totally going to hope for arthritic feet! It doesn't seem fair that none of my aches and pains seems to help me dance.

      Seriously, though, I had one of those moments this evening. Attitude derrière on demi-pointe, arm high in fifth, and I suddenly felt balanced. I let go of the barre entirely and just balanced there. It was the last position in the exercise, and I held it until the music stopped, then stretched to an arabesque and came down in a controlled plié. I was kinda in shock, and the instructor gave me a compliment. Maybe someday this won't be a remarkable event...