Friday, June 28, 2013


So, last week at work we were working on tutus and leotards for a play that opened over the weekend. The tutus started life as very generic and plain little white classical rehearsal tutus that we added trim to and fitted with pockets (for holding the confetti. They were snowflakes, you dig?). What we ran out of time for before dress rehearsal was tacking the layers of netting together (because for some reason the shop doesn't have a tacking gun? Really? How hard is that?). I sincerely hope the other people in the shop managed to get them tacked properly before the show opened because at rehearsal they were causing a serious case of "chicken butt".
You know. Chicken butt. Where an untacked tutu flips up instead of standing straight out from the hips and makes you look like you have a little birdy bottom. I searched on Google for hours trying to find a photo of this phenomenon, but to no avail. For some reason the search term "chicken butt tutu" simply does NOT bring you the kind of images I was looking for.
It was with some amusement, then, that I saw the incomparable folks at post this photo over the weekend, of a person wearing an untacked tutu and suffering from chicken butt syndrome:
Chicken butt.
Maybe you need to have seen a lot of chicken's butts for this description to make sense.
Funnily enough, though, I was just searching for a picture of a plain white rehearsal tutu to link to above when I came across this photo on Ebay of a model trying desperately to pretend that her tutu hasn't got a case of the chicken butt. But we aren't fooled:


  1. Did I understood right but you sewed tutus yourselves? impressive!

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    1. that's why they pay me the big bucks!
      Ha ha! Just kidding! They don't actually pay me big bucks :p

  2. omg mine had the case of chicken butt but that is because i literally finished it about 30 mins before i went on stage, (complications with all the costumes i had left and a pissy surger) i tried steaming it and throwing books on it and then shot 3 inch tacks into it to tame it a tad...
    entire show:

    i did dorothy, witch, glinda, tinman, scarecrow, lion, wizard (purple cape), lullaby league (pink tutus), lollipop league (yellow and orange leos... they were never finished), snow (not even close to done... bought leos day of dress rehearsal, and the other girls have just the top 2 layers on the basque, where i have all 9)

    it was just this weekend and it was fun... i just wish i had really finished everything how i wanted :)

    1. Those look great! Nicely done!
      Coincidentally, our chicken butt-like snowflakes were actually for a musical version of Wizard of Oz. They did not get any photos of them or I would gladly share and we could compare chicken buttedness!

    2. Those look amazing!!!!! Obviously your budget and amount of skilled hands outweighed me and my instructor :) we used the same pattern for Dorothy! Except I used a circle skirt to go over the tutu, so I didn't do the lower trim. How funny that we were working on the same show :)