Friday, May 24, 2013

Very Serious Tights

So yesterday I had to buy new tights. You see, because all of my other pairs were dirty. Totally a reasonable excuse. Well, no, I had one pair left, but they were about 12 years old and have begun to go all thin and see-through in the lady region, and so I only keep them around for those emergencies when I can wear a skirt over my leotard.
Anyhow, the only dance wear (dancewear? dance-wear?) store in town is a teeny weeny little Capezios that I have only been to once. More than a decade ago. And I took the bus to get there. So, with my very vague memory of it's location I set out trying to drive to it. I actually managed it, and didn't really get lost. Not so's you'd notice, anyway.
I decided to go for it and get my first pair of back-seam mesh tights (twice the cost of regular tights, Jiminy Cricket! ). I feel so very professional, now! Look how serious I am! I have back-seams! I have always held off on them because the meshy stuff irked me (it's not actually a seam, it's just a little stripe of a different knit pattern, which makes the different material rather unnecessary, don't you think?)
During barre last night we had to hike our legs up on the barre and fold forward over them (it made something go KER-POW! in my thigh, but it's fine). Staring at my knee in my new tights I discovered that A) the mesh knit pattern acts as a dreadful optical illusion and makes your eyes go all cross-y, and B) the mesh pattern looks like a bunch of little hearts! 


  1. Which tights did you get? I've been a little wary about the back seamed ones because it would drive me crazy if they weren't right down the middle of my leg! But they do look pretty snazzy some times. :) Are they more see through than the other tights?

    1. They are these ones:
      They don't seem much more see through than some of my regular tights (most of which are Capezio Ultra Stretch transition tights). I have worn stockings with back seams before (the kind that you wear with a garter belt) and the tights seemed to slip around less. But, yes, I mucked around with them for a while in an attempt to get them straight and eventually just stopped thinking about it. Seriously, I look like a hurricane at the end of class, anyway.
      Our pre-pointe and pointe classes require back seams (though, honestly, no one enforces these rules) because they are supposed to make it easier to check your placement or something.