Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Shoes Heard Round The World. Or Something.

Many years ago...
I took a belly dancing class once a week, along with my mom and sister and a family friend. It was probably terribly good for us. Anyway...
As I was practicing turns in the living room one day I caught my toe on the carpet, thereby folding it under my foot. And quicker than you could blink I stepped on it, breaking my toe. It was pretty dreadful. This risky barefoot tradition (with the attendant way your feet get all grubby on the floor during class) remained in my mind as the peril of belly dancing.
Fast forward to a couple of years ago. I had recently quit my retail job and I was stoked to start expanding my online store. I had been tossing around the idea of dying shoes for a while so I was on the prowl for cotton canvas shoe blanks that could be experimented with. I remembered my previous experiences with belly dancing class and decided that some canvas ballet slippers would probably be the perfect medium, with the added bonus of having an obvious market. Breaking toes is just so outré.
So I went online and bought some canvas slippers from Discount Dance Supply...
Which reminded me of all the pretty ballet shoes there are in the world...
Which reminded me of how much I wanted to dance again...
And the rest is history.

PS: I did dye those slippers! But then I discovered that the dye makes the leather soles go all crunchy and cardboardy... and I really hate lumpy soles anyway, so...
Yeah, I never actually put any of them in my shop.
But here they are, anyway, the shoes that started this whole crazy thing:


  1. and they shrink when you dye them as i found out dying the ones for Dorothy red... poor girl cant fit in them :( stupid cotton shoes. (those look super fun btw!!)

    1. Yes! They did! I was super careful about only using a cold water dye method, but they shrank anyway. Well PFFF!
      I suggest painting them next time.

    2. yeah i used the cold water method and everything, and didnt even put them in a dryer... ah well! next ones will be painted.... i wonder if it is because they were the cheep revolutions shoes if thats why they did so bad?

    3. mine were Sansha, for the record. Still, pretty cheap as split soles go.