Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Men in Tights. TIGHT tights!

Tonight we had a substitute teacher, and it was interesting to see the contrast in teaching styles. The sub was definitely of the "if you did it badly you have to do it six more times" school of instruction. And the "reach up up up, ladies!" school, as well.
Interestingly, she set us to our first bit of partnering, which was a little awkward. Not because we are all chicks (though it wouldn't kill us to get a few dudes in there, that's for sure) but because the class had an uneven number of students and, like any shy person knows, that means the one person left in the lurch is... ME. So I had to partner the sub. It was kind of interesting, actually! It would be awesome if some guys would power through their testosterone long enough to give it a whirl! We had a couple of male students for my first year or so, but it looks like the higher the level the fewer male opportunities present themselves. Which makes it a good thing I'm already married and therefore not on the prowl.
Back when I was devastatingly and unhappily single my mother used to regale me with advice like "well, your sister met her husband at work!" (I work in a costume shop. I will give you two guesses how many straight dudes I work with) and "go out and do the things you enjoy! That way you are sure to meet someone with similar interests!" Mmm hmm. Because sewing and dance class are super great ways to meet men, right?
Moms. Gotta love 'em, I suppose.

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