Sunday, March 17, 2013

ice ice baby

It was a stunning nearly-80 degree day and I had to take the train to class. So I was wearing a camisole-type top thing and my tights and stuff under jeans. I have mentioned before that I walk to class through the ghetto, yes? And as I was walking I not only got a honk and a whistle but the dude stuck his head out the window to check me out as he drove away. Now, don't feel flattered. These guys out here would honk at any woman that had the qualities they really like in a girl (two X chromosomes and a heartbeat. In fact, that second one might be optional).
But as he stuck his head out all I could think was "that dude looks like Vanilla Ice".
Which is also, very much, not a compliment.
It just cracked me up.


  1. hahahahahahaha! i would take 80 any day to this awful 19 degrees it was today btw :)

    1. Mmm. 80 is alright. It's the 118* days in the summer that I am not looking forward to.
      The freezing cold mostly bothers me because I hate driving on ice and snow. If I never had to leave the house when it dipped below 40* I'd be perfectly happy!