Friday, March 16, 2012

"The Very Mesh of Reality" would be an awesome band name

So we never get out of class without doing chassés and glissades. Even if it means we have to go an extra ten minutes we are going to be doing those chassés and glissades. I am beginning to think they are some sort of universal constant. Like, if we don't do glissades even ONCE then the entire fabric of the universe will tear itself apart. I have done six solid months of glissades and chassés, guys. I don't know about the more advanced classes, but us low-down schmoes are holding the very mesh of reality on our backs, here. It's such a heavy burden!
I assume we do them so freakin' much because they take a lot of practice, but also because they get your business all workin' and suddenly BAM! you are getting a cardiovascular workout whether you wanted one or not. I am certainly seeing my endurance improve if nothing else.
We line up in columns and then glissade across the floor in small groups. In my last class I was seriously booking. Great leaping strides across the floor. "Wow, Rheumatic Princess* is really moving!" says my teacher "She wants to get this excercise over with, am I right?"

*that isn't my real name. My beloved parents were crazy, but not that crazy.

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