Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Career Planning With RPrin

I'm sure everyone has their regional weird dancing road-side mascots. At least... I sure hope so. I would hate to think that only in California can you experience the joy of sitting in traffic while watching a dude in a chicken suit do a little two-step and wave a large sign extolling the virtues of the $4.99 lunch buffet...
Tonight on my way to class I passed a Liberty Tax sign waver that was really giving it his all. Quite an impressive display of commitment to the dancing mascot job. On my way HOME from class (admittedly, I left early, but still) he was STILL going at it! Talk about stamina!
Now, me? I have often thought about the possibilities. You could work on your dance moves AND get paid? How awesome is that? Probably really flexible hours, too. But no Lady Liberty for me, guys. For me it'd have to be Mr. Pickles. Work on your moves, get paid... BUT ALSO no one could tell who you are! Just make sure you don't wear really unique shoes or expose any identifying leg tattoos.
Imagine a person dressed in an anthropomorphic pickle suit busting out a tour jete or performing a graceful rendition of the Dying Swan. You'd want to go in and buy a sandwich, am I right?
Is it the perfect job? I don't know, but it's got to be better than retail.

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  1. Not mascots but: sometimes in the parks around here you can see big groups of sign-spinners practicing their moves together. I assume in their time off? Dedication.