Monday, February 2, 2015

Teeny Trina

I recently received a message from Oshini, the owner of a small ballet-inspired greeting card company, asking me to plug her site on the RPrin blog. While I don't usually do this sort of thing, I am a small business owner myself. I know how hard it is to get the word out, especially to a receptive audience. My own fabulous contributions to the world of art are not exactly soaring out of my sewing studio, you know? Anyway, I took a look at her work, and it's pretty cool. Super cute illustrations, like This Valentine's Day card. It's all of us, am I right?

I am also particularly fond of her ballet alphabet, which would make an adorable poster or t-shirt design, right guys? I would wear this on a tank top in the summertime, for sure. You know, just an idea for the future (hint hint):

And this is her:

I mean, damn. Anyway, give her site a look, in support of dancers and artists and small business owners and all that jazz.


  1. RPrin, you're awesome! Check out our website or Facebook to view our Valentines Day card and the hilarious message inside. Keep dancing, everyone!
    Teeny Trina

    1. click on the picture or the words "Valentine's Day Card" and it should take you right there :)

  2. Yeah, she commented on my blog with her request too. I kinda like the cards she's selling, but I'd have to get over my strongly negative reaction to comment spam before I'd give her a link.