Saturday, October 4, 2014

Does this bother you?

This. This weird new use of the term "on point" to mean something is good, right, or trend-conscious. I've only really seen it in the past couple of years... and now it's everywhere. Oh god. It's so... it's so wrong. The only things that should ever be described as on point are A) dancers, and B) hunting dogs.
So just... no. Just don't. Don't do it. Think of some other way to say what you are going for. Some other way. There is always another way...

Okay, honestly this paragraph has allllll sorts of issues. Like... at once symmetrical and what? You can't just be "at once" one thing. At once symmetrical AND delicate? Exotic? Severe? Beautiful? FIND AN ADJECTIVE. 


  1. I get it - this sort of thing irritates me. I also have a special disdain for people who cannot use correct adverbs. "I did bad." NO. You did BADLY. And you have bad grammar. Sheesh.

    1. My goal is always to write consciously with grammar that breaks the rules. That implies an understanding of the rules, though. Most people don't appear to have any concept that rules EXIST.