Friday, April 18, 2014

On Your Bod, In Your Class

Spending a quiet evening (hubs is asleep because our neighbors were up past 3am playing UKELELE directly outside our bedroom window. Yes, words were exchanged.) turning second-hand salwar kameez in to approximations of sarafan for Firebird's dancing princesses (which will be portrayed in this year's recital by adorable four year olds) and wondering why on Earth you always see pictures of women en pointe with no tights on. Because these new shoes I am attempting to break in right now (and was too lazy to fetch socks for) feel like they are honest-to-god lined in sandpaper.
In other recital-I-am-not-in news: there are lot of really stupid silly strange unusual things that swans do. Like hopping backwards in arabesque. Hop hop hop. I do not want to hop after two hours of class. I want to take off my shoes and have a cocktail.


  1. Costumes sound so fun! On the tights note I'm neither here nor there, sometimes I wear my tights full-footed, other times not. Depends really on the heat, my mood. I have a pair of Blochs that pride themselves on extra padding in the box and they aren't bad bare foot and without padding.

    1. Hmph. These are Blochs, too, but I have rarely tried going barefoot in them because the heels tend to slip off without tights.