Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Craftin' All Up in Here

I am completely in love with leotards that have mesh or lace components. At first I thought they would be cooler than sleeved leos ( I get SO sweaty), but I know better now and I still like the look. But DAMN they are expensive. Like, $40-60. In leotard land that is pretty darn spendy. So I said "to heck with that" and bought a cheap $17 camisole leotard on and a yard of stretch lace for $6 from my local fabric store and BAM:

It is stupidly difficult to photograph your own back, guys.


  1. Oh my word. This is beautiful genius. I am dying of envy right now.

    If you were so inclined to put up some sort of explanation as to how you did this, not only would I weep with joy but I might sacrifice a vegetable to the ballet gods in your honour.

    1. I will have to make some more and put up some process photos! I used an old short-sleeve leo as a template for the lace, and basically made a tight lace t-shirt. For this first attempt I actually decided to leave the lace as a separate piece, not attached to the leo, so all the edges are finished in picot-edge lingerie elastic. The easiest way to make them one continuous piece would be to put the leo and lace shirt on together (with whichever one you want on top, I would probably put the lace underneath the leo), then pin them together. Take them off (carefully, so as not to poke yourself with the pins!) and zig-zag stitch (though a double needle works better if you have the option. Or a cover stitch if you are lucky enough to have a cover stitch machine) them together and snip the extra lace off close to the stitching line. It won't unravel, but test out your lace first, because some of it has a tendency to frazzle in the washer pretty badly.

  2. Yes! And it is beautiful! Great job on DIY. Having sewn many a skating dress myself to avoid the astronomical cost of same, I understand!