Friday, February 21, 2014

Turning. Brain party.

Last night my pirouette from fifth at the barre (that is at least two awful things strung together. Pirouettes at the barre, AKA: smashing your knee in to a stationary hard object with force. AKA: if you had a REAL partner you would have just kneed him in the balls, way to go! PLUS pirouettes from fifth, which just suck.) was declared "awesome!"
Of course, it was only one out of six of the damn things, but I threw a little brain party, anyway. There was confetti raining down, and sparklers. I am pretty sure I heard a few noisemakers in the background, you know, along with all that cheering like the ball just dropped on New Year's Eve.

In the next class I discovered that it's not hard to turn en pointe. It's hard to STOP turning en pointe. If you use any force whatsoever you just... keep on going...


  1. Horray for the little victories! Those are the absolute best moments.

  2. Ughh, I know turning en pointe, even as simple as soutenu turns takes so much inner thigh, turn out, and abdomen muscles. Then your arms may be in high 5th and it's doubly hard. Auughh!!
    I am the same way with little victories. Everyone else questions why I'm so ecstatic, little do they realize it may have been your first even done so well. Hurr hurr *twirl mustache end*