Friday, December 20, 2013

Just Say No to Christmas Music...

Christmas music. Why is there always that one student who requests Christmas music for the entire month of December? Two and a half straight hours of Ballet-arranged Christmas music.
Thank whatever god you've got that at least you don't have to listen to the lyrics (if you do then I am SO SO SORRY).
I worked retail for years and December was just a non-stop 8 hour loop of what felt like maybe ten Christmas songs (several different versions of each, but let's be honest: whether you are Sinatra or Jessica Simpson there is only so much that can be done with "Winter Wonderland".) One year my coworkers and I actually started a tally sheet. Every time we heard a song we would add a tick to the list. I think the most repeats in a single eight hour day was some horrific "classic" tune played a total of 12 times. It's pretty much enough to make you want to kill people. Especially after hearing "Christmas Shoes" for the tenth time in a shift. Argh!
And, is it just me or does Andy Williams sound totally wasted in this song?

Maybe it just seems that way after a full day listening to it incessantly. 


  1. Thankfully I can wear headphones to cover up the hours and hours of satellite radio Xmas music, which you would THINK would have a greater variety, but alas. Thankfully we do NOT have to hear the Xmas shoes. That song makes me want to hurt someone. It's beyond contrived. Our month was nutcracker, but that's because our performance was the 14/15 and well, we needed it. I skipped this week (all for good reasons, even if my real reason was exhaustion, and not for the other ones) I can deal with Xmas music, just not when it starts in October.

    1. Nutcracker I can live with. At least it's proper ballet music!